The Louisville Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee was officially formed in November 1956 by a joint effort of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local Union 369 and the Louisville Electrical Contractors Association (LECA). The office was located in the Columbia Building in downtown Louisville.

At this time the Program consisted of five years of electrician training and had about 145 apprentices. Classes were conducted at Ahrens Vocational school. One of the first actions of this newly formed Committee was to recognize the importance of registering all of its apprentices with the State and Federal Departments of Labor; a practice which is still carried on today.

In August 1965, the apprenticeship office was moved to the Republic Building in downtown Louisville. In 1967, classes were moved to Englehard Vocational school. In 1968, the electrical program was changed to a four year curriculum. In June 1975, classes were held at Detrick Vocational and in December of that year the apprenticeship office moved to the Nolan Building on Gardner Lane. In August 1977, classes were held at the Jefferson State Vocational facility.

In June 1984, after 28 years of using space at various vocational schools, the Louisville Electrical JATC purchased its own building at 1021 South Floyd Street. In 1988 the Program added a fifth year to its classroom-related training. In August 1998, the Louisville Electrical JATC took over the management of the Central Kentucky JATC.

In September 1999, the Program made the transition from a night time classroom schedule to a day time schedule. Under this new schedule, apprentices would receive their classroom related electrician courses one day every other week for eight hours each day. This format is still used today.

In July 2002, the Program moved into its new 20,000 square foot Training Facility at 4315 Preston Highway. Finally, in March 2012 the Louisville Electrical JATC began conducting electrician training in its new state of the art hands-on facility at 1204 Durrett Lane adjacent to the Training Center.

Today with over 26,000 square feet of space the Louisville Electrical JATC trains over 200 apprentices along with hundreds of journeymen electricians.